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There is a new version of this game with bug fixes and added content here. Or, alternatively you can choose to download the "EVADE 2.0.5" file below.

Back in the early 90s, I was paying my bills with a dead-end security job at a low-grade hotel. I worked there up until the night an inexplicable thing happened. A thing that still haunts me to my core to this day. A thing I can’t explain, but I’m going to try my best anyway.

More: https://www.shiftstudios.org/


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Hi! Linux user here, are you planning to make this game available for Linux too?


No plans for Evade on Linux, but if you don't have access to Windows or Mac and would still be interested in playing, the game is available on iOS and Android if you have one of those platforms.


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I can't beat this game. and the the fact that i have to start over every time i die it just makes this game annoying as i get sick and tired of going through the first part of the game over and over again, i really wish this game had checkpoints.

Good to hear your feedback. We're a bit behind, but we are currently working on a new update that will address all of these issues. Please stay tuned!

I'm sorry, but what.


I went into this game expecting to really enjoy it as a short, free horror experience, and I'm surprised to be disappointed with it. Everything about it is aesthetically perfect, but my biggest problem is the monster. The fact that it can arbitrarily one-shot you, combined with the fact that you can neither outrun or outmaneuver it, kind of ruined things for me. On top of that, having to replay everything every time I died really killed the pacing for me. The first time around the game was very suspenseful and creepy, but every time after that just became waiting for another chance at fixing the breaker box again.

You guys are clearly a talented team of devs (or are you a solo dev? I'm not sure), but I couldn't bring myself to go back through ten minutes of menial tasks just to get killed in one hit for the third time in a row. 

I'll still be looking forward to whatever you make next.


Thank you for taking the time to reach out and share your thoughts, it’s valued and we don’t take your criticism lightly. We’re striving to become better designers every day. The creature is not supposed to one hit you. Are you running version 1.0.1? If so, make sure you drink a “U Up?” Soda before going outside and while outrunning him, hold Shift to sprint. As long as you are moving fast, we have a check in the code to where he can hit you 10 times before dying. We hope for you to try again and push through to complete it! If not, please sit back for the mobile version for iPhone which will be much easier to complete. Thanks again, and we hope to share more work soon. 


Great game and was fun to play. A lil different from other horrors I have played its why different is good. Only thing I hated was the thing chasing me. But hey its still a good game and if you want to see my experience first hand check it out in the video. I hope to see more from you my friend. 


I beat it, but, like, what the fuck? Haha, absolutely loved it. Sister and I said it reminded us of Twin Peaks.


Fixed the Power outage problem, went back inside but nothing happens, and I'm stuck, the door doesn't open and I can't go back outside. Rip my game.


Did you walk around the whole office?


Yeah, went into the kitchen, hallway, door, lockers, computers, etc. I never ate the donuts or drank the soda which I had simply assumed softlocked me cause it was 'expected' ? Idunno. I had to restart all over and made sure to eat/drink 'then' it let me leave as was shown in other gameplay videos.


I cannot emphasize this enough but...

Pay attention to the small details, and the dialogue of this game.

Evade at its surface seems like another drop in the bucket when it comes to indy horror, but if you pick up the small story beats you will be captivated.


I speedran the game! It was pretty challenging and I messed up a few times. Great job on the game! I hope to get better! 


gg creepy


this game is really scary and the interactive elements it has

Telephone,Flashlight, Camera Screens, Soda, Coffee

How does this end man?

It's intentionally supposed to emulate the challenging theme of 90's gameplay! I promise it's worth trying to get to the end. Good luck and thank you for the generous comment!

Check out the "README" included in the download for some helpful tips on how to play!


sure will try the readme file haha good work though :D